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For some strange reason I am getting this strange error when I do ctrl+space on a prefferenceScreen.xml

The errors are: PreferenceScreen has no child tags & PreferenceScreen has no known child tags

I am using eclipse.

How do you fix this? or should I just code over it and hope I don't make spelling errors.

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sdfwer, I understood that has happened. Probably you tried put the preference layout XML file in res/layout folder. When we are working with preferences, we need put the preference file in res/xml folder. I had the same problem, but I tried add the preference file again and I perceived that I could change the Resource Type on New Android XML File window. When I changed the Resource Type and I confirmed the window, the file was created and the tags were recognized. Good luck! –  user2140411 Mar 6 '13 at 14:42

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It worked without the need for the library help. Although I still find it strange that some other projects do have auto-help for different types such as EditTextPreference or CheckBoxPreference.

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