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I have a vector "Xt" where Xt dimensions are 12588 X 1. From this vector I apply this code:


which result in one number where S is a 1by1.

Now my objective is to construct a vector S (Nx1) where each value in S depends on J and K -- for instance:


At first I thought of the following (I don't want J do exceed 126):

for j=2:126 k=1:125, S=sum((abs(Xt(j:end)-Xt(1:end-k))).^2); end; end;

I got the error: "Error using - Matrix dimensions must agree."

Is it a dimension issue plus a loop issue?

I just realized that this code works

for j=2:2 k=1:1;

S=sum((abs(Xt(j:end)-Xt(1:end-k))).^2); end;

so it is really a matrix dimension issue!

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To close this question:

that's how I solved the little problem 2weeks ago:

for j=2:2 k=1:1; S=sum((abs(Xt(j:end)-Xt(1:end-k))).^2); end;

very simple (I was new to Matlab)

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