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I am a happy user of symfony1. some days I have start to study symfony2 but with poor results.

1 - I tried the code: but I can't change the validation result by editing validation.yml Changing the configuration of validation.yml nothing happens. If I run the code in the example, I don't ever appear the words "test message". Nothing of parameters insert is processed.

2 - I tried to create two forms with final result on screen and store in a database, but I can't retrieve the saved data in forms. a fragment of code i used is as follows:

workflow form1-> submit-> form2-> submit-> formResult-> saveOnDB

User side: fill the first form->fill the second form->show in a new page all the data i entered->the system save the data in a database.

My side: after the $form1->isValid(), i would like to save the first form data in a global variable of controller, and after that, show the second form and save this other data in another global variable. When i show the summary page and call (for example) return new Response($this->dataForm1['name']); the page appear blank.

Thanks for the help

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This probably wont fix your first problem as it's more related to the 2nd, but if you are attempting to have a multi-form form, I can suggest using . You can have one form act as multiple pages of a form, you can also access the flow from anywhere as its saved in the session and then display the values you need. As for your first problem, make sure that validation is turned on in config.yml and also make sure your validation file is being loaded in your bundles config –  CriticalImpact May 27 '12 at 8:08
The Symfony2 validator is enabled by default, but you must explicitly enable annotations –  MGatti May 28 '12 at 9:02

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