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I am trying to build an Android (v.4.0.3) app with Phonegap (Cordova 1.7.0), Node.js (v0.6.18) and Socket.io (v0.9) on the other side. I need to do this for my school project, but I hit a wall due to my limited knowledge. I even thought that socket.io can’t be used within Phonegap (Android). Would it be possible to get some directions, link or other kind of help so that I would be able to establish connection. Connection is the main problem. The documentation is not helping me enough.

I would really appreciate some tips on how to establish a connection. I installed node inspector, but nothing. Server.js is running on an Amazon EC2 micro instance on port 8080. I read somewhere that Android doesn't support websockets.

But isn't it true that Phonegap actually grabs the whole HTML page and packages it up to run as a native application within a UIWebView or WebView?

So in that case it is the webkit. And this one supports websockets if I am not mistaken.



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There's a Phonegap plugin for websockets.

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