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I have a QListView with a lot of files and their icons. QIconProvider fetches the icons via Win API, converts them to QIcon via QPixmap::fromWinHICON() and then converts them back to HICON. This results in a 200 millisecond delay for every icon. But the worst thing is that QPixmap can't be used in a background thread, so the UI freezes.

That's why I decided to use pure Win API for faster icon fetching.

This is the code I have:


HWND hwnd = listView->winId();
HIMAGELIST imageList = (HIMAGELIST) SHGetFileInfo (TEXT ("c:\\"),
if (!ListView_SetImageList(hwnd, imageList, LVSIL_SMALL))
    qDebug() << "FAIL";

Unfortunately this doesn't work and I get


in the application output.

How can I use Win API for this? Maybe QListView is not translated to Win API's ListView but to some other class... I couldn't find that in Qt sources.

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