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I have 2 checkboxes. Their values go to another php file and if any of them is checked, its value is inserted mysql codes. I did it, but when the number of checkbox increase and more advanced things appear, my code will be impossible to put into practise.

Here is checkbox.php :(it is inside a form)

  <label>Camera </label><input type="checkbox" name="kind[]" value="1" />
  <label>Video  </label><input type="checkbox" name="kind[]" value="2"/>

when the form is clicked, it goes to fetch_kind.php via AJAX and jquery($.post).
Here is code:


$kind = array();
$kind = $_POST['kind'];
$count = count($kind);

if ($count== 0) {
  echo "You did not checked any of checkboxes!!!";

if ($count == 2) {
  $sql = "SELECT id,kind FROM products";
} else {

   foreach ($kind as $value) {
     if ($value =="1") {
       $sql = "SELECT id,kind FROM products WHERE kind = " . $value;    
     if ($value =="2") {
       $sql = "SELECT id,kind FROM products WHERE kind = " . $value;


Could you give a better example? Thank you...

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Can more than one checkbox be checked? If you expect only one of them to be checked, you should use radio buttons (<input type=radio>) instead of checkboxes. – emrea May 25 '12 at 21:52
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A simple way would be to group all the values and us IN

if ($count > 0){
    $sql = "SELECT id,kind FROM products WHERE kind IN (" . implode (',', $kind) . ")"; 

Also you might want to look into sanitizing you input.

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You can loop through all your checkboxes and add a simple condition to an array. You implode the array at the end.

Something like:

$conds = array();
foreach ($kind as $value) {
  $conds[] = '`kind` = ' . intval($value);

$sql = "SELECT id,kind FROM products WHERE " . implode(" OR ", $conds);
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