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My document has a document that has a document. I wanted to find out how i can populate the inner document as well. I have tried this but it is not populating my innter document.

            req.flash('error', 'An error has occured. Please contact administrators.')
        res.render('dashboard/index', { title: 'Dashboard', menu: 'Dashboard', docs: docs});

var mongoose = require("mongoose"),
    Schema   = mongoose.Schema,
    ObjectId = Schema.ObjectId,
    DocumentObjectId = mongoose.Types.ObjectId;

var Document = new Schema({
    filepath: {type: String, required: true},
    createdBy: {type: String, required: true},
    created: {type: Date, default: Date.now},
    owner: {type: ObjectId, ref: 'owner'}

var Owner = new Schema({
    fullname: {type: String, required: true},
    company: {type: ObjectId, ref: 'company'}

var Company = new Schema({
    name: {type: String, required: true},
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It seems like this is a bug #601 that is open at github. Will have to wait for a fix on the next version if they get to it.

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Mongoose does not support nested population. Therefore this part is invalid: .populate('owner.company')

There is a plugin for that: https://github.com/buunguyen/mongoose-deep-populate

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