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I need to manipulate some image files based on their EXIF data. Can something like this be done in R? I have not seen any R functions which could read EXIF data directly.

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library(sos); findFn("exif") – Ben Bolker May 26 '12 at 14:59
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The adimpro package may be useful. It maintains the EXIF data as a comment() on the imported image. (not used it myself though.)

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I could not find an R package that did it natively either, so I implemented my own at

As of now, it only reads a subset of tags I was using for a project, but I could easily extend it to suit your needs.

For example, to read the aperture value :

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It is probably faster and more versatile to use exiftool (

system("/usr/local/bin/exiftool pathimagename.img")

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