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Here is how I query my database for some words

$query = $qb->select('w')
    ->from('DbEntities\Entity\Word', 'w')
    ->where('w.indictionary = 0 AND w.frequency > 3')
    ->orderBy('w.frequency', 'DESC')

I'm using mysql and I'd like to get random rows that match the criteria, I would use order by rand() in my query.

I found this similar question which basically suggests since ORDER BY RAND is not supported in doctrine, you can randomize the primary key instead. However, this can't be done in my case because I have a search criteria and a where clause so that not every primary key will satisfy that condition.

I also found a code snippet that suggests you use the OFFSET to randomize the rows like this:

$userCount = Doctrine::getTable('User')
     ->fetchOne(array(), Doctrine::HYDRATE_NONE); 
$user = Doctrine::getTable('User')
     ->offset(rand(0, $userCount[0] - 1))

I'm a little confused as to whether this will help me work around the lack of support for order by random in my case or not. I was not able to add offset after setMaxResult.

Any idea how this can be accomplished?

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The Doctrine team is not willing to implement this feature.

There are several solutions to your problem, each having its own drawbacks:

  • Add a custom numeric function: see this DQL RAND() function
    (might be slow if you have lots of matching rows)
  • Use a native query
    (I personally try to avoid this solution, which I found hard to maintain)
  • Issue a raw SQL query first to get some IDs randomly, then use the DQL WHERE x.id IN(?) to load the associated objects, by passing the array of IDs as a parameter.
    This solution involves two separate queries, but might give better performance than the first solution (other raw SQL techniques than ORDER BY RAND() exist, I won't detail them here, you'll find some good resources on this website).
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Ok I tried the first method, It seems like the rand function is being added to doctrine in bootstrap, I still get this error "Error: 'rand' is not defined." I'm using a DQL that looks like this $dql = "SELECT w FROM DbEntities\Entity\Word w WHERE w.indictionary = 0 AND w.frequency > 3 order by rand()"; assuming that the function is accepted by doctrine, how should I be using it? –  Yasser1984 May 28 '12 at 5:18
Did you register the function with addCustomNumericFunction() in your Doctrine configuration, as mentioned on the page? Also, try to use RAND in uppercase, not sure whether it is case sensitive or not. –  Benjamin May 29 '12 at 8:34
Yes, and I did use upper case, didn't help. I went with your second suggestion, native queries, I don't know if I'm gonna be facing more limitations in future using this or not, hopefully not. Thank you very much. –  Yasser1984 May 30 '12 at 5:13
Ok, according to this link, you can only ORDER BY a custom function by SELECTing it first. That should read something like SELECT w, RAND() AS r FROM Word w ORDER BY r. –  Benjamin May 30 '12 at 8:25
"Issue a raw SQL query first to get some IDs randomly", how do you do that ? Native query ? Isn't it the same problem ? –  httpete Nov 15 '12 at 1:08
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Or you could do this -->

$words = $em->getRepository('Entity\Word')->findAll();

Of course this would be very inefficient if you have many records so use with caution.

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