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After running a mac port self update and installing gnomeui library on osx 10.7, I compiled OpenCV program with Xcode and the ImShow() function created a window that behaves unexpectedly with flashing and flickering. In the application output message of Xcode the following is displayed: opengl support available.

Does somebody know where could be the problem? Do I need to recompile OpenCV with OpenGL? Is there anything else I can try to rectify this?

Edit: i attached a screenshot of the windows Xcode generates, normally this kind of UiWindow with the buttons toolbar is generated by QtCreator. I start thinking the problem derives from Qt being updated consequently to mac port self update.

window generated by xcode

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Probably you don't use waitKey after calling imShow, then the window is created and quickly destroyed. If that's the case simply call waitKey after imShow, then the window is created and waits until you press a key then the window is destroyed.

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I use 'waitkey', actually i'm pretty shure the problem is related with the update because i have some codes that worked before upgrading and now they work no more. Or better 'imshow' generates this window that flashes. I had the same problem using QtCreator, so i started using Xcode. I will attach you a screenshot of the window, as you can see is not the usual one Xcode generates (as soon as i get necessary reputation points) –  Gabriele Gambotto May 26 '12 at 20:04

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