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I have a MySQL 5.0 server, and I'm running this query:

    SELECT *
    FROM deals
    WHERE expires > "2012-05-25 19:37:58"
    AND city =2
    LIMIT 48 , 57

And it's returning:

Showing rows 0 - 29 (57 total, Query took 0.0036 sec)

Am I doing something wrong? I expect 9 rows, 48-57..

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The second parameter to LIMIT is not an offset, it's a length relative to the offset. So if you want 9 rows, it would be LIMIT 48, 9.

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LIMIT work like this: LIMIT (page - 1) * post_per_page, post_per_page

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LIMIT 48 , 57

will show 57 records following the 48th record.


LIMIT 48 , 9


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