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Jquery Drag-Drop (Getting element being dropped into)

I am making a battleship and i defining the strategy. The idea is that user drag & drop the ships. My code looks like this.


    <div id="strategyBoard" class="board">
    <h2>Define your Strategy</h2>


        <div class="boardHeader"></div>
        <div class="boardHeader">A</div>
        <div class="boardHeader">B</div>
        <div class="boardHeader">C</div>
        <div class="boardHeader">D</div>
        <div class="boardHeader">E</div>
        <div class="boardHeader">F</div>
        <div class="boardHeader">G</div>
        <div class="boardHeader">H</div>
        <div class="boardHeader">I</div>
        <div class="boardHeader">J</div>


            <div class="sideHeader">1</div>
            <div class="1A boardBody"></div>
            <div class="1B boardBody"></div>
            <div class="1C boardBody"></div>
            <div class="1D boardBody"></div>
            <div class="1E boardBody"></div>
            <div class="1F boardBody"></div>
            <div class="1G boardBody"></div>
            <div class="1H boardBody"></div>
            <div class="1I boardBody"></div>
            <div class="1J boardBody"></div>
            <div class="sideHeader">2</div>
            <div class="2A boardBody"></div>
            <div class="2B boardBody"></div>
            <div class="2C boardBody"></div>
            <div class="2D boardBody"></div>
            <div class="2E boardBody"></div>
            <div class="2F boardBody"></div>
            <div class="2G boardBody"></div>
            <div class="2H boardBody"></div>
            <div class="2I boardBody"></div>
            <div class="2J boardBody"></div>
            <div class="sideHeader">3</div>
            <div class="3A boardBody"></div>
            <div class="3B boardBody"></div>
            <div class="3C boardBody"></div>
            <div class="3D boardBody"></div>
            <div class="3E boardBody"></div>
            <div class="3F boardBody"></div>
            <div class="3G boardBody"></div>
            <div class="3H boardBody"></div>
            <div class="3I boardBody"></div>
            <div class="3J boardBody"></div>
            <div class="sideHeader">4</div>
            <div class="4A boardBody"></div>
            <div class="4B boardBody"></div>
            <div class="4C boardBody"></div>
            <div class="4D boardBody"></div>
            <div class="4E boardBody"></div>
            <div class="4F boardBody"></div>
            <div class="4G boardBody"></div>
            <div class="4H boardBody"></div>
            <div class="4I boardBody"></div>
            <div class="4J boardBody"></div>
            <div class="sideHeader">5</div>
            <div class="5A boardBody"></div>
            <div class="5B boardBody"></div>
            <div class="5C boardBody"></div>
            <div class="5D boardBody"></div>
            <div class="5E boardBody"></div>
            <div class="5F boardBody"></div>
            <div class="5G boardBody"></div>
            <div class="5H boardBody"></div>
            <div class="5I boardBody"></div>
            <div class="5J boardBody"></div>
            <div class="sideHeader">6</div>
            <div class="6A boardBody"></div>
            <div class="6B boardBody"></div>
            <div class="6C boardBody"></div>
            <div class="6D boardBody"></div>
            <div class="6E boardBody"></div>
            <div class="6F boardBody"></div>
            <div class="6G boardBody"></div>
            <div class="6H boardBody"></div>
            <div class="6I boardBody"></div>
            <div class="6J boardBody"></div>

<div class="shipsBoard"> The Boats
  <div class="Ship"> <p>Destroyer: </p>
        <div><img src="/assets/images/ships/destroyer.png"  id="destroyer" width="70px" height="35px"/></div>
    <div class="Ship"> <p>Patrol Ship: </p>
        <div><img src="/assets/images/ships/patrolShip.png"  id="patrolShip" width="70px" height="35px"/></div>
    <div class="Ship"> <p>Aircraft Carrier: </p>
        <div><img src="/assets/images/ships/aircraftCarrier.png"  id="aircraftCarrier" width="175px" height="35px"/></div>
    <div class="Ship"> <p>Battleship: </p>
        <div><img src="/assets/images/ships/battleship.png"  id="battleship" width="140px" height="35px"/></div>
    <div class="Ship"> <p>Submarine: </p>
        <div><img src="/assets/images/ships/submarine.png" id="submarine" width="105px" height="35px"/></div>



  var value = 0;
  $( "#aircraftCarrier, #battleship, #destroyer, #patrolShip, #submarine" ).draggable({ revert: "invalid"});
  $("#aircraftCarrier, #submarine, #patrolShip, #destroyer, #battleship").rotate({
             click: function(){
           value +=90;
           $(this).rotate({ animateTo:value})



  $( "#strategyBoard .boardBody" ).droppable({

     drop: function(event, ui) {
      var position=event.target.className;
       hoverClass: "hoverClass"


I am using less

   /* ===== Board Game CSS ========================================================
      Author: Team n&n
      ========================================================================== */

     width: 100%;
     min-height: 768px;
     background: url("/assets/images/batallaNaval.jpg");
     background-position:50% 50%;
     background-repeat: no-repeat;
     font-size: 16px;

   #strategyBoard {
     float: left;
     margin-left: 50px;

   .shipsBoard {
     color: black;
     float: right;
     padding: 40px;
     background-color: gray;
     margin: 50px;


       opacity: 0.4;
   .boardHeader {
       color: white;
    margin: 10px;

   .sideHeader {
       width: 20px;
       padding: 0;
       color: white;

My question is, how can i get ALL the class name where the div is dropped! The dropped element is an image that has the size of 2 o 3 o 4 o 5 div boardBody, depending of the ship. Actually, i've got only the classname where the mouse is pointing.

Thanks in advance

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And your css is..? –  Daedalus May 26 '12 at 1:45
I edit the question with my css, take a look at it! –  user1371176 May 26 '12 at 2:33

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I would suggest using JqueryUI's droppable plugin, is quite easy to use

Take a look at my demo here .When a div is dragged and dropped in the target its' class is displayed in an alert box. Notice that due to plugin's functionality additional classes are added to your draggable div.

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i am using that plugin, but $(ui.draggable).attr('class') is not working for me, that's why i put event.target.className –  user1371176 May 26 '12 at 2:25
with $(ui.draggable).attr('class'), I'm getting the class of the draggable, but what i need is the class of the doppable! –  user1371176 May 26 '12 at 5:45
This is even more easy, getting the droppable's class, try this snippet $( "#droppable" ).droppable({ drop: function( event, ui ) { var myClass=$( this ).attr('class'); alert(myClass); } }); As I mentioned above the class of both droppable and draggable objects are still quite a mess, I will suggest –  TheodoreV May 26 '12 at 18:29
yes i know, but there i obteined the place where the mouse drop the div, but not all the divs!! A element that is drag y dropped into many droppable divs y want to get all the divs! –  user1371176 May 26 '12 at 23:06

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