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I have some basic html and some css but for some reason gmail puts 3D infornt the 'text/css'

Code sample

$message = "
            <style type='text/css'>
              #main {border:1px solid red;}

              <div id='main'>some text</div>

But when I view the original send to the gmail

<style type=3D'text/css'>

and maybe thats why the mail is not styled. I am using the swift mailer

// also in html

<div id=3D'main'>

// swift mailer

    $type = $message->getHeaders()->get('Content-Type');
    $type->setParameter('charset', 'utf-8');
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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… <-- This looks useful –  jimw May 26 '12 at 2:08
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From what I know gmail doesnt support style tag in head or in body. I use style attributes for elements when sending email.

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Yes I add style attributes and it worked ^^ thanks –  grape1 May 26 '12 at 2:40
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Swift Mailer is trying to escape " to \". You have to use setEncoder() before setBody():

$message->setBody($body, "text/html");
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