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I would like to have my application running exclusively with SSL turned on. I am using the Spring Security core plugin.

This is how I attempt to do it in Config.groovy:

grails.plugins.springsecurity.portMapper.httpPort = 8080
grails.plugins.springsecurity.portMapper.httpsPort = 8443
grails.plugins.springsecurity.secureChannel.definition = [ '/**' : 'REQUIRES_SECURE_CHANNEL']

I was expecting this to cause redirects every time I would try to access a Url using HTTP. However, I am never redirected, and can navigate through both HTTP and HTTPS. I may add I am starting my application using grails run-app -https

Am I getting this all wrong ?

Any suggestion is most welcome.

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You can also try using the forceHttps option

grails.plugins.springsecurity.auth.forceHttps = true
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Do you have a custom filterchain declared in your config?

you might need to add 'channelProcessingFilter' to your chain in that case


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You don't have any wildcards, so the definition is literally matching the root URL (/), but nothing below it (/foo). What you want is:

grails.plugins.springsecurity.secureChannel.definition = [ '/**' : 'REQUIRES_SECURE_CHANNEL']

(You can clearly see the wildcards in the documentation :-)

Finally, if your server is behind a load balancer or other firewall that hides the protocol, check that same page for instructions on checking the header.

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I am really sorry, I edited my question but I had the wildcards already in my code. I am trying this on localhost on a Fedora system if that matters. –  Euloiix May 26 '12 at 11:57

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