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I'm reading file into a byte array, however the byte array has some trailing 0s which I would like to remove (return new byte array without the 0s). But byte array is not a listish thing so I cannot use filter/remove/map on it.

Is the only solution to use recursion over the byte array?


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A general note.. in Clojure there are seqs and then there are seqable things. Java arrays are seqable so (seq a) returns a seq backed by a. –  Marko Topolnik May 27 '12 at 10:58

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You should be able to use sequence operations on byte arrays:

(byte-array (take-while pos? (.getBytes (slurp "some/binary/file.dat"))))
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A byte array in Clojure is a sequence, and filter, map, and other functions work on sequences.

You can use this function to remove trailing zeroes:

(defn pos-byte-arrayE
    (take-while pos? seq))

You can use filter on your byte array to remove all zeros.

(defn pos-byte-arrayF
    (filter pos? seq))

repl-test.core=> (pos-byte-arrayF [1 2 3 0])
(1 2 3)
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