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I am starting out on a WCF project that has an underlying RESTful architecture to it. I have so far a Service Class and a Service Contract via an Interface in place. If I go to my Solution Explorer and right-click on the .svc file (Service Class) and View in Browser, I can view my Data Sources in a RESTful way, e.g. Addresses/ and /Employees/. But here's my problem, there are some Classes that can't be displayed, i.e. I get the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" message. My question is, how can I debug through my code so I can find out where the problem is, i.e. so I won't be using 'View in Browser'. I don't want to create a complex Client (UI)... I would just like my Service to be accessible via the HTTP so when I type in say Service.svc/Employees, the Employees collection loads.

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Use Fiddler to interactively test your REST services.

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How complex does the client have to be in order to test your service?

Consider that you will be asking other developers to use your service. If you can't even create a client to use it, then how do you expect them to be able to use it?

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