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I have a Java EE project with the following structure:


This generates an ear file in project/ear/target/project.ear correctly. However, when I deploy and try to debug using eclipse's remote debugging feature, I get an error message that says "Source not found." If I go to the war or ejb directories and execute "mvn source:jar" it will generate war/target/war-sources.jar and ejb/target/ejb-sources.jar as expected. If I execute "mvn source:jar" in the project directory, I get a project-sources.jar file that only has two MANIFEST files. How can I include these sources in my ear file? I assume that's what I need to do since if I click the "Edit Source Lookup Path" button and add the *-sources.jar files as External archives it still complains that it can't find the source. Please advise.

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Why would you want to package the sources with the ear? That doesn't make sense to me.

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I'm not convinced that the answer is to package the sources with the ear, but the reason I think I need to do that is because I run the ear file on my glassfish server (which happens to be the same computer that I am trying to use to debug eclipse). I configure eclipse to remotely connect to the code running on the glassfish server, so I assume that it's looking for the source of those files. I tried pointing eclipse to the local jar files that contain the sources (generated by mvn source:jar in the war and ejb directories), but it still says that it can't find the source. –  Eric May 30 '12 at 3:25
@Eric I am not an Eclipse user normally since I prefer IntelliJ but I tried it out anyway and for me it works as it should. The source is shown, source is local. Just remember to point out the correct project in your Debug Configurations. I have the same Maven layout as you as well. BTW you don't have to run any mvn source:jar commands. Just use the source code as it is. –  maba May 30 '12 at 7:17
It turns out that my directory structure was wrong. I had the file under com/example/controller with a package statement of "com.example.war.controller" (notice the additional "war" directory). Thank you for looking into this. Easy mistakes are always the hardest to find :/ –  Eric Jun 2 '12 at 5:21

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