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This is the contents of init.clj

(ns init)

(defn get-hotswap []
  (filter #(= (ns-name %) 'hotswap) (all-ns)))

(let [x (get-hotswap)]
  (let [old-ns *ns*]
    (if (empty? x)
        (create-ns 'hotswap)
        (in-ns 'hotswap)
        (def global-kv-store (clojure.core/atom {}))
        (in-ns (ns-name old-ns)))
      (println "Found Hotswap"))))

Now. hotswap/global-kv-store does not exist, but init/global-kv-store does exist.


How do I fix this? I want to be able to

  • create a new namespace hotswap
  • and then define a new variable global-kv-store in it


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You can try this:

(if-not (find-ns 'hotswap)
  (intern (create-ns 'hotswap) 'global-kv-store (atom {})))
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intern, not in-ns/def, is what I wanted. Thanks! BTW, purely for sake of learning, can you explain why in-ns/def does not work? Intutiively, I switch to the 'hotswap namespace, then I define something in it ... what am I doing wrong? –  user1311390 May 26 '12 at 12:20
@user1311390 I'm not sure. I think the problem is, that the value of *ns* that is taken is the one from compile time (which is the init namespace), not from runtime. Again, don't take this as a definitive answer, as it may be totally wrong. –  ivant May 26 '12 at 12:43

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