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I'm trying to set up a website that allows users to sign up at various membership levels, each at their own price, using PayPal Subscriptions. I have searched Stack Overflow and gotten numerous very helpful answers about setting up the IPN script, which I have done successfully. (Thanks!)

My question now is, how does a member cancel their account within my site? If they cancel using PayPal, my IPN will detect it and act accordingly, but there must be a way for my users to cancel their subscription on my page, right? Or at least provide a more direct link than simply telling them "log into PayPal, go to this page, and cancel it there"?

I've found scattered references to generic ideas like "have your script send a cancel request to PayPal" or some indication that maybe only the Pro (Advanced?) membership with PayPal allows you to do this, but I haven't found a straight answer that says definitively yes or no, and if so, how.

Can I have my members cancel and/or upgrade/downgrade their PayPal subscriptions through my PHP website, and if so, what code samples or other considerations will I need to make that happen? Most helpfully, is there a tutorial that can walk me through it? I'm fairly familiar with PHP/MySQL, but APIs and such are still new to me...

Thank you!

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Having the same problem now? Did you solve the problem in meantime? – Tamás Pap Jan 18 '13 at 21:36
@TamásPap There is a Cancel button provided by PayPal, but I couldn't find a good solution for up/downgrading. Right now, users simply have to cancel and re-purchase at a different level, which is obviously less than ideal. – Nerrolken Apr 22 '15 at 21:14

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