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The default performance function is mse, but I want to use a different metric for calculating performance.
I also noticed that trainlm doesn't support custom performance functions.
An additional question is which training functions support custom performance functions? Does traingdx supports a custom performance function?

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I believe that trainbr,trainscg and traingdx allow using a customized performance function in conjunction with the performFcn property. More specifically, you must associate your neural network (let's call it net) with your customized performance function like this:


The modified performance function should have a header that looks like this (similar to the regularized MSE function):

perf = MyPerformanceFunction(e, x, pp)

You can also specify custom performance parameters as necessary, like this:

perfStruct.varA = 1;
perfStruct.varB = 2; 
net.performParam = perfStruct;

This is also documented here.

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