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Test templates such as Coded-UI testing and Web performance testing are missing.

I originally had visual studio 2010 professsional installed. I upgraded to visual studio 2010 ultimate just so that I wanted to use Coded-UI testing and Web performance testing features. However, the options seem to be missing. It is as if the upgrade has not made a difference with regards to additional testing templates.

I have a visual studio 2010 ultimate evaluation version installed.

I have checked in Tools > Options > Test tools: but doesn't seem to have anything in here that I can change. Searched online too, everywhere seem to suggest that after VS 2010 Ultimate installed, you should be have the templates to create the additional tests.

If I go to menu, Test > New test > Add new test dialog, Here I just have "Basic Unit test", "Ordered test", "Unit test", "Unit Test wizard" Have also tried, Right click the Test project, Add > no option for Coded-UI test here!

Has anyone come across anything like this?

Any advice is appreciated, Thanks, Fred

Edit 09:22 GMT 26-05-2012:

I used the visual studio ultimate web-installer. I double checked the options to select while installation. There is no option specific to testing here. So, selected Visual C# + Visual Web developer + Graphics library

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+1 bump, same..... – Alex Nolasco May 29 '12 at 14:04

I had this issue when upgrading from VS2010 Professional to VS2010 Ultimate. I think it may have been caused by having already installed SP1 in Professional. I solved it by doing the following:

  • Go into Windows Add/Remove programs and run a Repair against VS2010 (takes a LONG time).
  • You might need a reboot, do not skip the reboot if prompted.
  • Re-run VS2010 SP1 setup and run Repair when prompted (takes a LONG time).

That should do the trick! Run up VS2010 and the templates should now be accessible!

Good luck!

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Just re-installing VS 2010 SP1 worked for me, now I can see the templates – Ralph Willgoss Jul 5 '12 at 22:10

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