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I am a iPhone application developer. I don't know how to send an "link" to a selected user's inbox in Facebook from my Facebook account.

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You can't send messages using a Facebook API from the backend, but you can do through JS SDK or redirecting user to facebook url as per this link

FYI: Send Message

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I don't exactly know if I understood your question, but: If you want to provide a link that a user follows in order to go to her/his Facebook inbox, you can use the URL scheme fb://mailbox (provided that she/he has the Facebook app installed)

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As @Venu wrote, the api does not allow apps to send messages on the behalf of the user, only with the Send Dialog which you should be able to open using the iOS sdk Dialog.

Another approach you can use is the Chat API with which you can send messages on the behalf of the user, it requires the xmpp_login permission and you to implement an xmpp client.

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