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How to I make a hyperlink that functions as a button? Or how do I make a button that looks like a hyperlink?

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One easy way is to use the Label class. Just create a new label and add a ClickHandler to it. You can then style it however you want using CSS:

Label lbl = new Label("Hello");
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I have tried the Anchor approach, but for some reason the Anchor in GWT triggers a Window.ClosingEvent in IE. Not sure what's happening there. However, doing it this way with the clickHandler worked just fine in IE. –  stuff22 Sep 29 '10 at 18:58

As of GWT 1.5, there is an Anchor widget that should do what you want.

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I also found you can use the anchor class. add a click event and load the method you want as a new page. Inside the page clear the root or other panels you want using the clear() method eg. Rootpanel.get("root panel name").clear();

I wrote the example up and gave an example if you want to check it out. Hope this helps.

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