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I have the following tables:

rooms table       contains  Room_Number   INT  PK
res_appointment   contains  Id            INT  PK
                            Room_Number   INT
                            Start_Date    DATE
                            End_Date      DATE         

I want to build a query with parameters Check In Date( Start Date) and Check Out date ( End Date) I want the query to select only room number from Rooms Table where has records in in res_appointment table between the parameters Check In Date & Check Out Date

in summery i need to list only rooms that is busy in the date range between Check In Date and Check Out Date Parameters .

Is there any method to do that in VB lightswitch

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Create a Relationship or Foreign Key between the two tables on the Room_Number. Then use the Query designer to Filter the table to return the results in the specified date range. Once the two tables are linked, you can access the rooms_table from the Query.

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