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Following is my code

<rich:select id="cycle_group" value="#{menuCycleBean.menuCycleDetailTO.menuCycleGroupId}" defaultLabel="#{msg['']}" 
                <f:selectItems value="#{menuCycleBean.cycleGroupList}" var="n" itemLabel="#{n.label}" itemValue="#{}" />

"menuCycleGroupId" is "Integer" Value and "" is "String" value. I need to convert String to Integer. I am using following attribute converter="javax.faces.convert.IntegerConverter", but it is giving error.

Expression Error: Named Object: javax.faces.convert.IntegerConverter not found.

How can I use converter with <rich:select>?

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The converter attribute must point to either a concrete instance like #{bean.converter} or contain a string literal with the converter ID and not the fully qualified converter class name. If you click through CONVERTER_ID field constant in the standard converter's javadoc, then you'll find out that it's javax.faces.Integer for the IntegerConverter.

So, this should do:

<rich:select ... converter="javax.faces.Integer" />
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It works well when i submit the form but if i want to display update recod form with selected dropdown value allow user to edit then rich:select does not display any selected record. – Faisal khan May 28 '12 at 3:42
That's a different problem which needs to be asked in a new question. I am also not familiar enough with RichFaces to give an answer on that off top of head. – BalusC May 28 '12 at 3:43

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