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Has anybody implemented geolocation using the geolocation API of Phonegap in Android. I was reading the documentation but didn't have much progress on that...

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navigator.geolocation.watchPosition(onSuccess, onError, { frequency: 3000 });

onScuccess and onError are the method names which will call after execution of the related plugin (this plugin java file will be in the phonegap.jar)......... you can rename this onSuccess, onError methods as you want..... but u have to take care that u have to rename the function name also... and last parameter is json object with with options

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I can give better reply if you mention at what part you are facing trouble.. – Sandy09 May 26 '12 at 13:46

Yes, I use geolocation in one of my apps. You start with something like:

  {enableHighAccuracy: true, timeout: 1000000, maximumAge: 2000000}

geolocSuccess can be something like (watered-down version):

function geolocSuccess(position) {
  var lat=position.coords.latitude;
  var longit=position.coords.longitude;
  var time=position.timestamp;
  var whereAmI = new google.maps.LatLng(lat, longit);


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