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Does anyone know how to remove the default drop shadow from ApplicationControlBar?

I tried this but no luck:

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dropShadowEnabled can only be set in MXML mode but not in design mode. I don't know why it's not documented feature.

This works for me:

<mx:ApplicationControlBar width="80%" dropShadowEnabled="false">
        <mx:Button label="Test"></mx:Button>
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I am seeing compilation error:The style 'dropShadowEnabled' is excluded by type 'mx.containers.ApplicationControlBar'. This is my code: <mx:ApplicationControlBar x="1" y = "1" width="520" dock="false" fillAlphas="[0.5, 0.5]" dropShadowEnabled="false"> –  BlueDolphin Feb 3 '12 at 19:30

At runtime:

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