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I am stuck with a problem and I need you people to help me out.

I have a html form. It sends country, state, city and pin code(to be entered manually) to a php file to process with help of ajax. Once submitted it returns with the pin code value in the text box.

What I want is, whenever a user changes the value of pin code for the second time the form needs to be reset.

What I have done is, I used innerHTML like this:

<form id="someid" method="post">
<input type="text" value="'.$_POST['pin-code'].'" onChange="resetpin();" />

The reset form is like this:

function resetpin() {
document.getElementById('someid').innerHTML = Full HTML CODE FROM ABOVE FORM GOES HERE

This code becomes ugly as the .innerHTML contains all the code for selecting country, city, state which gets repeated two time in the same page.

So what I thought was, can I be able to do something like this?

When user changes pin for the second time the form need to get reset like.

onchange=showdiv("ID of the form and contents to be displayed")

Can I be able to do this so that I do not need to use innerHTML...

Please help me out.


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Why not use form.reset()? As in document.getElementById('someid').reset(). Or even onchange="this.form.reset()" might work. –  Hemlock May 26 '12 at 14:04

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Your resetpin function needs to loop through the input elements of the form resetting their values (excepting for the pin presumably).

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