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I have two containers (main-container and sub-container). Body, HTML and main-container have classes of 100% height whereas sub-container fixed in 1000px. Main-container should be fit with 100% height in the whole screen even sub-container is small or large. Now problem is, main-container is not increasing its height according to sub-container height. Please check the example below to understand my requirement.

Really appreciate your help.


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change height:100%; to min-height:100%; in .main-container:


Percentage heights rules are explained here:

Percentage Heights If the height of an element is set to a percentage, it needs for its parent element to have a set height. In other words, the height of the parent element can't be set to auto. Like many aspects of CSS, this is a bit confusing at first.

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thanks for your reply. But when i change the height 1000px to 100% in .sub-container, it disappeared. Any solution? – Awais Imran May 26 '12 at 15:01

Is this what you're trying to achieve?

I change the width of the .sub-container in order to be in % like the .main-container.

CSS markup:

html, body { 
.main-container { 
.sub-container { 
    margin:0 auto; 

Hope it helps!

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No, if you scroll down on you will be noticed the red box is cut behind the blue box. I want red box flexible according to the blue box height and 100% vertically fit on the screen even blue box small or large. – Awais Imran May 26 '12 at 14:49
Oh I didn't update the code, sorry, it is there now – Luis May 26 '12 at 14:53
To make the html 100% did the trick... thanks luis – Ravi Oct 22 '12 at 16:35

You don't need to set the height for the .main-container (by default it will expand to the size of the child container). By setting the height to 100% you are forcing it to be the height of the screen and no more. So just change it to:

.main-container { background:red; }

If you need the main container to always be at least the height of the screen, use @Helstein's suggestion of setting the min-height to 100% while removing the height setting.

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