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Yesterday I finished two apps, and today I was going to upload them, but I can't because every time I try to upload the apps I get a message saying: "No identities are avaliable for signinig". I have spent the whole moring trying to fix it, but I couldn't. I have seen all webs already; so the last option is to reinstall XCode.

I know that I have to save a lot of certificates and other stuff, but I'm made a mess. I also know that there's a certificate that I have to save because the new XCode will need it. Please help me, I'm too much stressed now.

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The problem isn't with Xcode, so I wouldn't recommend reinstalling it. That would just be a waste of time.

Have you ever uploaded an app to the app store before?

If not, take a look at this related question which lists out the steps involved.

Or maybe the bundle id in your project doesn't match the bundle id entered in the iTunes Provisioning Portal (I linked this related question for you).

Or maybe you need to fetch and install the Distribution Provisioning Profile.

Or maybe your problem is that you don't have public & private keys for your client or employer installed on your development Macintosh?

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Yes, I have uploaded an app before Michael. I have tried to reupload the old app, and it works! But it doesn't with the new apps. I'll check your links, maybe you have posted my solution... –  adr May 26 '12 at 15:11
Thank you Michael, after 5 hours I have been able to post one app!!!(the other has had a last-time problem) –  adr May 26 '12 at 15:28
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