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I have the field field_name with the following type DECIMAL (10, 2). I want to insert a floating-point number in this field. I have the following SQL-query:

UPDATE `table_name` SET `field_name` = "0,20" WHERE `primary_key` = 1;

SELECT `field_name` FROM `table_name` WHERE `primary_key` = 1;

>> 0.00

How do I write a floating-point number?

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Use a decimal point . instead of a comma ,:

UPDATE table_name SET field_name = 0.20 WHERE primary_key = 1

However, do note that the DECIMAL type is fixed-point, not floating-point.

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Try this:

UPDATE `table_name` SET `field_name` = 0.20 WHERE `primary_key` = 1;
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UPDATE `table_name` 
SET `field_name` = 0.20 
WHERE `primary_key` = 1;

It is called floating-point-number - so use a point instead of comma. And since it is no string you don't need the quotes around it.

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