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Using this script:

color = 'blue'

def say_color(color):
    print 'The color is: ' + color


Here, I am trying to allow say_color to be processed without passing an argument, and the result being the default color (blue). However, if a color is specified, it will not use blue and use the string given instead.

How is this done?

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def say_color(color='blue'):
    print 'The color is: ' + color

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default_color = 'blue'

def say_color(color=default_color):
    print 'The color is: ' + color


say_color()  # default_color is used


The color is: blue
The color is: red

If you don't specify a color in your call, the default_color will be used in your say_color function. If you do specify a color in the call, then it will override your default value.

Addendum: For a more technical explanation/background about how and when these values are assigned/bound, please see the informative comment by @HughBothwell (thanks!) below.

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Writing it this way can be misleading. color gets bound to the value of default_color at the time say_color is defined. Setting default_color to a different value later will not change the function's default color... unless default_color refers to a mutable object (list, dict, class, etc) in which case changes to the object's contents can propagate into the function, which can be unexpected and confusing. – Hugh Bothwell May 26 '12 at 18:14
@user1417933 Just a friendly note, if any one of these answers provided solved your problem please consider accepting one - thanks. – Levon Jun 17 '12 at 18:57

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