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I am trying to develop a alternate lock screen there for I need a intent filter which listens on the screen going off

but the problem is I don't know which attribute to use and which value to give

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What's your app? –  Kamilski81 Dec 14 '14 at 21:00

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You need an InternFilter that listens to Intent.ACTION_SCREEN_OFF action.

IntentFilter screenFilter = new IntentFilter();
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Working on the same thing as well.

this is the question i posted yesterday, follow it maybe something will pop out.

By the way as i wrote in the question, the action you have to listen to are:

An important thing to know are these 2 flangs:

use them in your lockscreen activity to be able to have it when the screen is locked and to dismiss keyguards when they are not secure.

hope this help, there is a huge lack of documentation on android lockscreen customization.

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