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I want to select distinct year from mysql database using doctrine:

it is easy to do this using mysql

SELECT DISTINCT DATE_FORMAT( year , '%Y') as dates FROM Inscription 

i don't find how to do this in doctrine documentation, anyone can help?

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Which version of Doctrine are you using? –  user212218 Jun 30 '12 at 20:49

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The SQL statement SELECT DISTINCT DATE_FORMAT( year , '%Y') as dates FROM Inscription can be written in Doctrine as follows:

A. If you are writing a table method:

class InscriptionTable extends Doctrine_Table {
  /* ... */
  public function getDistinctYears()
    return $this->createQuery('I')
           ->select('DISTINCT(DATE_FORMAT( year , '%Y')) years')

B. If you are writing an inline DQL call:

                ->select('DISTINCT(DATE_FORMAT( year , '%Y')) years')
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If you want this with Doctrine 2 you can use this extension:

Guide: http://www.uvd.co.uk/blog/labs/using-mysqls-date_format-in-doctrine-2-0

The code: https://github.com/uvd/Doctrine

it works great for me

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Never use distinct, always use group by instead when you can, like this:

  SELECT DATE_FORMAT( year , '%Y') as dates 
    FROM Inscription 
GROUP BY dates

Doctrine documentation on group by is easy to find I think.

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If you use Postgresql, you will receive:

select('SUBSTRING(offer.date_closed, 0, 5)')

function substr(timestamp without time zone integer integer) does not exist

Use instead:

select('SUBSTRING(CONCAT(offer.date_closed, \'\'), 0, 5)')
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