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Yesterday, i saw a javascript file, i have created two issues which they related for syntax of language.

First, what makes this code

var result= { 'index': 0 , 'is_check': false };

Whats type of variable is the result ... ?

The second part of code is

return { '_teams': teams, 'champions': champions };

teams and champions are array.

What the method returns ... ?

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  • key-value pairs
  • hash table/map
  • dictionaries
  • associative arrays
  • and many more...

But in JavaScript, they're simply called objects so don't be confused. And that notation, where it's enclosed in {} and values separated by commas, is called object literal notation

You can check their type using typeof.

console.log(typeof result)
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This returns object. You can access the elements by using dot operator.

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