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I'd like to create a function, that echos only the image links from a string.

My code fails, but i don't know why.

function csak_a_kepek($bejovo_szoveg){
    $re = '/(?<=src=")(?:.*?)(?=")/ui';
    $eredmeny = preg_match('/(<img[^>]+>)/i', $bejovo_szoveg, $matches);
        $nMatches = preg_match($re, $matches[$i], $aMatches);
        $return .= $aMatches[$i].'/;/';
    return $return;

the /;/ is a delimiter, to make it easier to explode it.

Can you help me please, where am i have to change it, to make it work?

The working code:(thanks for redskins80)

function only_pictures($string){
    $html = str_get_html($string);
    foreach($html->find('img') as $element) {
      $return .= $element->src . '<br />';
    return $return;
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Ugh, will people ever start using english in their code even if it's not their native language? And is there any reason why you a) don't use a DOM parser instead of regexes and b) return a string to be split later instead of an array? –  ThiefMaster May 26 '12 at 17:57
use simple_html_dom to parse all html. Parsing HTML using regexes isnt recommended. With DOM you can easily scrape tags out and also specify what part of the tags you want! –  redskins80 May 26 '12 at 17:59
your simple_html_dom solution looks good, i'm on to make it workable for me :D Please wait 5 minutes :) –  mark0ba May 26 '12 at 18:10
are you allergic to foreach loops >.< –  Adam F May 26 '12 at 18:16
I've tried to implement the simple_html_dom Parser, but it fails: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding() in D:[FOLDER_NAME]\simplehtmldom\simple_html_dom.php on line 988 –  mark0ba May 26 '12 at 18:27

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Your patterns seems to be wrong. Try this:

$html = '<img class="" src="http://www.google.com" />';
$pattern = '/<img([^>]*)>/i';
preg_match($pattern, $html, $m);

if(!empty($m)) {
    $max = count($m);
    for($i=1; $i<$max; $i++) {
        $pattern = '/src="([^"]*)"/i';
        preg_match($pattern, $m[$i], $m2);
        echo $m2[1]."\n";
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