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I am using struts2 & configured so the url will look like as www.myweb.com/index instead of www.myweb.com/index.action

But now the problem i am facing is how should i map in struts.xml file & get request parameters as in struts1 i can receive it through mapping.getParameters() but what available in struts2 for this?

<action path="/profile/*"
<forward name="success" path="/profile.jsp" />
<forward name="fail" path="/profile.jsp" />

String parameter = mapping.getParameter();

So in struts2 if i hit www.myweb.com/index/p=2 www.myweb.com/index/biz/name /here biz & name are 2 parameters/ www.myweb.com/index/biz/name/23 /here biz & name & 23 are parameters/


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Use the patternMatcher, wildcards are for doing something else.


Using the REST plugin is another option, or the regex matcher, depending on your needs.

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