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I have the following table structure and i want count all room types from Reservation table. I want to have something like this: Roomtype :double 3 :simple 5 It is possible to make this?

enter image description here

I only managed to count all rooms from reservation table

SELECT COUNT(Room_ID)AS NumarRezervari FROM dbo.Reservation WHERE MONTH(Data_Check_in)=5

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SELECT Room_Type, COUNT(*) AS NumarRezervari
FROM   dbo.Reservation re
JOIN   dbo.Room ro ON ro.RoomID = re.RoomID
JOIN   dbo.Room_Type rt ON rt.Room_Type_ID = ro.Room_Type_ID
WHERE  MONTH(re.Data_Check_in) = 5
GROUP  BY Room_Type
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You need to use a GROUP BY clause and couple of joins, like this:

SELECT Room_Type, count(*) FROM Reservation rv
INNER JOIN Room rm ON rm.Room_ID = rv.Room_ID
INNER JOIN Room_Type rt ON rm.RoomType_ID = rt.RoomType_ID
GROUP BY Room_Type
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thank you this is what i needed – jonny May 26 '12 at 18:15

if you want a count of the amount of room types i think you can do something like this:

select count (Room_Type_Id) from Room_Type
inner join Room on Room.Room_Type_ID = Room_Type.RoomType_ID 
inner join Reservation on Reservation.Room_ID = Room.RoomID 
where ... 
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