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I have a very large file, and I want to remove all \n at the end of each line, so to merge all, except if the line starts with the character £

so i have this


and i want to end up with this


I was thinking of something like

:%s/\n(but not \n£)//g

Any ideas?

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Solution offered by @pb2q will remove all newlines and a next character if this character is not a “£” or a newline (because collection doesn’t match a newline by default), while in your question you asked to remove only the newline. This can be fixed by either using \ze, or a negative look-ahead:


Note some things: first, you can omit a replacement string if you want to delete some text (unless you need to have a substitution flags which you don’t in this case). Second, \_ adds newline to a collection. It can be also written as [^£\n], but I guess it is not the best thing you can do: any guy coming from some PCRE-capable language thinks about [^£\n] as “match anything except ‘£’ and newline”, while in Vim it is really “match anything (including newline) except ‘£’”.

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Just remove all new lines, then add them again where they should be. Or use a negative look ahead, but this is simpler, easier, and more comprehensible to anyone.

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I tried doing this, but the file was too big. Kept crashing all the time. – Jose187 May 26 '12 at 20:29
That's ridiculous and not an issue with the answer - your editor is screwed up. – Mahmoud Al-Qudsi May 26 '12 at 22:08

I would use the following command.

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