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please can anyone give me a clue on how to Set up a cronjob to execute my API callback URL once every 15 mins, since my control panel does not have that ability, please i need specifications with examples because am still at the armature level, example: i want to setup a cronjop to execute this API call back url http://shop.site.com/modules/cashenvoy/validation.php every 15 mins and my control panel dn't have the option for direct cronjob setting, please how do i go about to setup a cronjob to execute this URL, thanks ur suggestions is appreciated.

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Try to use crontab:

# to list current cron jobs
sudo crontab -u username -l

# edit the cron list
sudo crontab -u username -e

This proves a terminal where you can edit the cron jobs.

Insert the following:

*/15 * * * * curl -s http://shop.site.com/modules/cashenvoy/validation.php

This will every 15 minutes silently call the wanted website.

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A third party cron job provider may help: http://www.easycron.com.

Disclaimer: I work for easycron.com.

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This demo assumes you've already logged in to cPanel

Now let's learn how to setup a cron job

1) Click the Cron Jobs icon

enter image description here

2) Enter the email address where you want the cron job results sent after each time it runs enter image description here

3) Now you have to define exactly when and how often you want the cron job to run. This is made easier by using one of the pre-defined or common settings

enter image description here

Notice that by choosing a common setting, all fields are filled in automatically. This also helps you understand what each field means enter image description here

If you have a shared hosting account, crons should not be made more regular than once every 10 minutes.

4) Let's choose Once a week

enter image description here

5) Next, enter the command of the script you want to run, including the path (from root). If you are on shared hosting - add nice -n 15 to the end. This ensures that the server gives the cron a lower priority than critical system processes, helping maintain stability and server uptime. Remember to add "nice -n 15" to the end of your command!

enter image description here

6) When ready, click Add New Cron Job enter image description here

That's it! The cron job has been set as you can see here. You can create additional cron jobs, and edit or delete existing ones

enter image description here

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to setup cron jobs in cPanel

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