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I'm using Coda IDE on Mac OSX. In eclipse there's a feature called "Jump to matching bracket" (invoked by Command+Shift+P). Is there any equivalent, or perhaps a plugin, in Coda ?

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I know this is months later, but figured better to leave my findings here in case someone else winds up here, too.

I recently started using Coda 2 and have been looking to just jump to a matching bracket (in Textpad on Windows it was something like Ctrl+M).

This is the closest I've found:

  • For visualizing: while typing passing over a bracket will animate a circle over its matching one (you're out of luck if it's off thescreen!)

  • For cursor placement: at the parenthesis or bracket Command+B (or double clicking it) will select the block, you can then just hit the left or right arrow to move past or preceding the selection

  • For both: you can use cold folding, Ctrl+Command+left arrow to fold and right arrow to unfold

  • For HTML: try this plugin and use Ctrl+B: (Github | Google Code) (don't use the new version named Emmet or something to that effect, the plugin did not work for me, this old one I'm linking to still seems to work for Coda 2 as of this writing (Coda 2.0.4))

Not as obvious as other editors/IDEs and may take some getting used to.

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