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Here is sample http://jsfiddle.net/HhXGH/57/

I am clicking radio button by jquery but knockout.js does not recognize it.Still it shows first clicked value.

<p>Send me spam: <input type="checkbox" data-bind="checked: wantsSpam" /></p>
<div data-bind="visible: wantsSpam">
    Preferred flavor of spam:
    <div><input type="radio" name="flavorGroup" value="cherry" data-bind="checked: spamFlavor" /> Cherry</div>
    <div><input type="radio" name="flavorGroup" value="almond" data-bind="checked: spamFlavor" /> Almond</div>
    <div><input type="radio" name="flavorGroup" value="msg" data-bind="checked: spamFlavor" /> Monosodium Glutamate</div>

var viewModel = {
        wantsSpam: ko.observable(true),
        spamFlavor: ko.observable('cherry')



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This because Knockout is subscribing to the click events of checked radio/checkbox elements only. If you checkout the binding handler code for checked. It does this.

var updateHandler = function() {
            var valueToWrite;
            if (element.type == "checkbox") {
                valueToWrite = element.checked;
            } else if ((element.type == "radio") && (element.checked)) {
                valueToWrite = element.value;
            } else {
                return; // "checked" binding only 
                responds to checkboxes and selected radio buttons

So in order to get your code to work do this.

$(':radio:last').prop('checked', true).click();

However if the goal is to check the last value, why not just do


This would achieve the same result.

Hope this helps.

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Someone mark this correct as it saved my life. –  Austin Fatheree Feb 20 '13 at 22:45

Adding $(':radio:last').attr('checked', true); in addition to triggering click makes it work for me:


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Yes it works but it is dirty a little so i wonder where is the problem ? Reason of problem is browser, jquery or knockout ? –  Freshblood May 26 '12 at 20:27

I have two different jsFiddles since I'm not sure exactly what your after.

The first jsFiddle will respond via alert when the last radio button is manually clicked.

The second jsFiddle is your posted /57/ jsFiddle without the alert.

Using an alert or console.log with a function will actually invoke that function. That said, after you have manually set the .click() to the last radio button, it's inadvertently reset back to cherry since that's the default value.

RE-EDIT: The second jsFiddle now includes alert written in syntax that doesn't invoke the function & now uses shorted markup.

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