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I have recently configured a wordpress site using a VPS setup with LEMP. I'm new to nginx so I'm using an nginx config I found here.

Anyways, I'm using the jQuery file upload tool and I have it setup to where it uploads the files (images in this case) to a couple directories (php/file and php/crop) on upload.

When using the Delete button, The delete function is passed the URL ( hitting the index.php which takes the delete request and deletes the images in the directories associated.

However, when I enable 'dav_methods PUT DELETE MKCOL COPY MOVE;' in nginx, the delete request deletes the directory.

How do I make it where it hits index.php so that I can let it delete the files in the proper directories?

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Can u paste your nginx config here? Its hard to debug like this. –  rahul286 Sep 28 '12 at 6:55

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