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I'm attempting to connect a SIP iOS app to a digital SIP line hosted by ringcentral. The settings for the line, as given by ringcentral, are:

SIP Domain: sip.ringcentral.com:5060 Outbound proxy: sip11.ringcentral.com:5090 Username: 12148656048 Password: -password- Authorization ID: -same as password-

So, I've set up the SIP app like this:

-Identity Settings-

Display name: Line1 Public id: sip:12148656048@sip.ringcentral.com Private id: 12148656048 Password: -password- Realm: sip.ringcentral.com

-Network settings-

Proxy Host: sip11.ringcentral.com Proxy Port: 5090 Transport: UDP Enable SigComp: OFF

-NAT Traversal settings- Enable STUN: OFF Discover: OFF Server: numb.viagenie.ca Port: 3478

My app fails to connect to the server. Can anybody spot the error there? FYI the app i'm using is iDoubs, and I've been able to connect this to multiple SIP servers such as sip2sip.info and voipraider.com. Any help would be really appreciated

EDIT: Here is a post on their board which talks about setting up a similar app on android. LINK. I've posted this question on their board as well but have yet to get a reply.

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You should ask Ring Central. They are VERY picky about devices, even if you get one on their recommended list it might not work.. Why not use their app? –  hplbsh May 26 '12 at 20:34
I'm writing my own app based on the open source iDoubs project, and I want to have an actual phone number assigned to it, which will call the app. I'll call ringcentral soon to see if they can help, even though I haven't heard anything good about their support. –  Litex08 May 26 '12 at 21:03

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