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I'm writing a Video streaming site with facebook integration. We share videos using meta tags. I recently created ssl for my web server so I can use og tags to make shared videos available for facebook users using secure browsing. Everything was working fine until all of a sudden facebook can not fetch any https content from my site any more. I can not debug the problem because facebook doesn't show any errors why it can not use my ssl any more. I don't see any errors in my web server's log and Facebook debug tool doesn't give any details too. I can open the https url via my browser but facebook seems having problem with it. here is my url

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I have parsed two urls on the Facebook OG Debugger. The report is this:

HTTP REQUEST - NO ERRORS (working fine)

HTTPS REQUEST - OG image error


Unable to download og:image: The image referenced by the url of og:image tag could not be downloaded.

OG Report

Since your SSL is suspicious, it seems the reason why it's not working.

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