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I need to read a file in blocks of 200 bytes. So i'm using this:

int readData(char* data, FILE* fp){
sizeReturn=fread(data, 200, 1, fp);
cerr << sizeReturn << endl;
return sizeReturn;
while((size=readData(data, fp))>0)
    write(fileno(stdout), data, size);

I'm just trying to read the first 200 bytes, i know i need to do a fseek to advance, but i can't even read the first 200 bytes. It returns 0 bytes read. I need to read 200 by 200 on each loop because i'm sending it using udp, so i'm testing with a small number of bytes. Someone can help me to read the first 200 bytes.


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I rolled back the edit because cerr << sizeReturn << endl; is most definitely not vaild C. – Vicky May 22 '13 at 12:34

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Just fread(data, 1, 200, fp); I want to read one element with 200 bytes and not 200 elements with 1 byte


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