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I am only able to echo the first selectbox but not the sub category. I checked the code for syntax errors and there were none found. I am guessing the logic is incorrect. Can anyone tell me Why is it not displaying the subcategories select box ?


    $dbh = new PDO("mysql:host=" . $host . ";dbname=" . $db, $user, $pass);

    if(isset($_GET["category"]) && is_numeric($_GET["category"]))
        $category = $_GET["category"];


    <form name="theForm" method="get">

        <!-- Category SELECTION -->

   <select name="category" size="6" onChange="autoSubmit();">
        $categories = $dbh->query('SELECT * FROM category ORDER BY c_id');

        while ($row = $categories->fetch()) {
        echo '<option value="' . $row['c_id'] . '"';
        if ($row['c_id'] == $category) echo ' selected';
        echo '>' . htmlentities($row['category']);


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Your query is most likely returning 0 results due to your use of a variable inside of a string using single quotes.

$subcategories = $dbh->query('SELECT s_id, subcategory FROM subcategory Where c_id = $category');

Use double quotes around your query, or concatenate the value like '... c_id = ' . $category

But even better than that, learn how to use parameterized queries and bind the values instead.

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First of all, why do You have two DB tables? One for categories and one for subcategories? And what when a subcategory would have another subcategory/ies? Would You then create another table subsubcategory???

Better approach is to have just one table categories with columns id, parent, title, etc., where if main category the parent column contains 0, when subcategory the parent column contains the ID of the parent category. Even better would be when implementing traversal tree or similar method.

I don't see a mistake in Your code but probably $_GET["subcategory"] contains no value or no numeric value thus $subcategory is not set...

Did You tried debugging?

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The problem was with the single quote not being double. Although after reading your comment: You are completely correct. Because I am planning to implent 1 main category with 3 subcategories. If you are so kind and show me a short written out example of doing it that way. Thank you –  ProgammingLover1985 May 27 '12 at 0:12
@jonthecoder2346 I won't give You a code but You can find a lot about the topic on google: google.com/#q=php+category+tree. –  shadyyx May 28 '12 at 8:38

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