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I'm supporting users of a java-based scientific software package that runs on the command-line. One of the major hurdles my users (who are non-programmers) encounter is that most of the tools in the package take many arguments and they make mistakes composing the commands. Then when they get error messages they get confused, and they have a hard time looking up the proper way to format arguments in the docs. To compound the problem, our docs are split between a wiki that explains the purpose of the tools, and a javadoc site that gives the technical details.

Obviously we need to improve our docs and educate our users, but that is going to take a long time. In the meantime I want to implement a solution that would help users find the information they need more quickly, by connecting command line parsing to documentation. The idea is that when users run their command, the first thing the program would do after parsing the command line is run a tool that would take the result of the parsing, look up the docs for each input/argument, and return a table that would summarize the user's input, validity, expected/required args and usage, short description, and link to full docs for each.

This would serve as a sort of back-translation of the user input, that would in effect be the program telling the user, "this is what I think you told me to do". If there was an error the users would have a direct link to the right documentation, instead of having to look for it on their own.

Has anyone heard of such a tool? I can't believe no one has done this before, but I've spent hours looking everywhere I could think of, with no result. Thanks for your help!

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You can use JCommander for command line parameters parsing, validation and documentation.

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