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We need to stream a live feed to a ROKU box and already have more than a thousand viewer pulling the stream from the media server so to reduce the server load i uploaded it into ustream live. Is there a way to stream live Ustream videos in my ROKU box? If not are there other media server that provide services like HTTP live streaming?

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First, you will probably need to get a Ustream API key. That will allow you access to the USTREAM API. You can use this to extract the information from Ustream to detect that your stream is live and get the correct show id to stream, which will also allow you to notify the user if your stream is offline prior to initiating playback.

You will also need to be Featured on Ustream in order for your content to be viewable on IOS and Roku. Most streams on USTREAM are NOT Roku or iPhone compatible.

The URL for your stream is usually something like this: SHOW ID/streams/live/playlist.m3u8

There are a couple of ways to get your show ID, one is described here.

The way I use is to first get the user ID from the Ustream API.

which returns 796050 in the results field.

Then the list of shows from the results:

After parsing the returned XML, look for shows in the data with the tag status contains the value live

for that same show that is currently live, grab the value for the ID field:


plug that into the IOS url:

and then send that url to your video player function. An easy way to test this is to use the simplevideoplayer example in the Roku SDK and just plug in the URL after the "Big Buck Bunny" example. Make sure to add srt="" since this line is missing from the example.

urls = [""]
qualities = ["SD"] 
streamformat = "hls"
title = "Ustream Test Stream"

Please note that Ustream video is not necessarily optimized for Roku and does not officially support Roku playback, so your results may vary. The qualities field should ideally be set to ["HD"] if the device is in HD mode and ["SD"] if the device is in SD mode by checking roDeviceInfo.

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This has worked for me only once from Ustream Android Mobile App, but it did work ... and was very slow loading any clue how to speed up the feed? – KaSiris Nov 27 '12 at 3:08
I know this is an old post but I have a Ustream Account and I don't know how to get an API key? – unleashed Jun 12 at 14:54
I think you now need to have a Enterprise account in order to use the API. Interestingly looks like they have a library for Roku developers on their site. – alphablender Jun 13 at 21:39

You need to add UStream as a Private Channel to your Roku account.

  1. Goto
  2. Login with your account credentials
  3. Scroll down to "Manage Account", click "Add a Private Channel"
  4. The channel code for UStream is IN4DN.

Note: this will not add a specific UStream channel, just UStream access. You'll need to search for you specific channel.

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Yes there are other media services that will do this. I work for ScaleEngine and we host many Roku channels. Instant TV Channel has a decent list of compatible providers. The issue with Ustream is that they don't want to get out of the way; they want the streaming to be about them, not your content, and certainly not Roku.

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Add the m3u8 url to your to view on Roku.

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