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I'm working on a simple application but I'm a bit of a space freak. I noticed that Google+ uses quite a interesting approach to do this in their mobile approach. I'm just curious about how would one go about implementing something like that.

Disclaimer: I'm typically a C++ programmer, but I'm trying my hand into Java development for Android. Any and all kinds of help are welcome.

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I believe the "slinging effect" you are referring to is that done by a ViewPager. Here is a helpful tutorial to get you started.

To implement your ViewPager with titles, you'll need to use a third party library, as Android does not implement this functionality by default. I would recommend using Jake Wharton's ViewPagerIndicator library. It's easy to use and well-maintained.

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I most definitely should have RTFM myself. Thanks @Alex Lockwood. –  jackyalcine May 27 '12 at 3:40

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